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VCU study shows Virginians overwhelmingly support community located recovery residences and recovery services! Please "click" chart below, and “scroll” to page 33 for more details…

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Who are we?

We are an inclusive grassroots coalition of individuals using shared lived experience and evidence based facts advocating for transparent, equitable and increased funding to effective peer operated and managed non-government recovery service providers, and their consumers.

Square Pegs in Round Holes?

“I’m horrified by the increases across the board,” Dr. Kim Sue, a physician-anthropologist who studies addiction at Yale University’s School of Medicine, told Intelligencer. “Even before the pandemic, the U.S. was going in the wrong direction.”


Yale’s Sue and many of her colleagues believe that America’s “drug war” approach is outdated and that it has caused more harm than it aims to prevent. Focusing on suing Big Pharma, ramping up trafficking busts, and sending people suffering from addiction to drug courts are “myopic” and “misguided” approaches, Sue said. “We have to innovate and pivot quickly, enacting evidence-based harm-reduction strategies to keep people alive,” she added.


If Biden keeps up the trend of hiring from the Obama administration and the Washington drug policy blob, America’s approach to addiction is unlikely to dramatically change anytime soon.

“Why must U.S. drug policy be led by people who continue doing the same thing, putting a square peg in a round hole and expecting improvement?” Sue said.  


New York Intelligencer | THE OTHER EPIDEMIC December 23, 2020 | The Deadliest Year In the History of U.S. Drug Use | Zachary Siegel

Evidence Based Correlation Between Length of Engagement in Lived Experience Delivered Certified Recovery Residences to Enhanced Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Recovery Outcomes and Community Quality


One definition of recovery is “A lifelong individual process of ongoing growth and discovery through shared experience.” Even though recovery is an ongoing journey, one measure of recovery success is continued and sustained abstinence from substance use by those suffering from the disease of addiction.  

"In July 2017 the city of Delray Beach Florida required certification for all recovery residences housing 4 or more unrelated individuals. A year later after this rule was implemented the city of Delray Beach witnessed a significant 60% decline in overdoses from 635 to 245. The city of Delray Beach also saw another 48% decrease in overdoses for the most recent year since this ordinance became law."  (Recovery Housing: Best Practices and Suggested Guidelines | SAMHSA 2018)


Some criteria by which community quality can be impacted negatively are –


  • Addiction fueled crime including property loss and personal injury, both with ensuing Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice System and Correctional Facility encounters.

  • Emergency Service response to overdoses, tied with Hospital Emergency Department admissions.

  • Destruction of Family Relationships coupled with possible loss of guardian(s) to minor children.


Recovery community centers: Is participation in these newer recovery support services associated with better functioning and quality of life? | Kelly et al | 2020

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